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Today is 13 ‘Ilm, 173 B.E. (Oct 28, 2016)

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The Baha'i World News Service reports on activities of the worldwide Baha'i community and on events that affect the Baha'i Faith or its followers. Read All

In Spain, quest for social progress draws on science and religion

October 28, 2016 The Baha’i community of Spain has been exploring how to bring together different sectors of society—government, NGOs, academia, the private sector, and faith-based organizations—to collaborate for social progress. At the heart of this endeavor has been a conviction that, when oriented toward the betterment of society, a dialogue that engages science and religion can give rise to new and... Read More

Baha’i murdered in Iran—victim of religious hatred

October 26, 2016 In an appalling act of violence, a Baha’i has been stabbed to death by two men who admitted they attacked him because of his religious beliefs. Farhang Amiri, 63, was murdered outside his home on 26 September 2016 in the city of Yazd, Iran, where he and his family have long resided. On the previous night, two young men visited the residence of Mr. Amiri under the pretense of wanting to... Read More

Mass urbanization demands reimagining community life, says BIC

October 21, 2016 QUITO, Ecuador — We need a fundamental reimagining of collective living, says the Baha'i International Community (BIC) in a statement released this week, titled "New Patterns of Community Life in an Urbanizing World". The statement addresses Read More

Day 3: Looking to the future

October 17, 2016 SANTIAGO — As the sun rose behind the Andes, more than 250 people representing various indigenous populations of South America entered the newly-dedicated continental Baha'i Temple. The melodies of the choir permeated that sacred space, as Baha'i scriptures in Spanish and the Mapuche language, resounded through the Temple's auditorium, touching the hearts of those present. This moving... Read More

Day 2: House of Worship rises from concept to reality

October 16, 2016 SANTIAGO — On the second day of the conference marking the opening of the final continental Baha'i House of Worship, participants reflected on the significance of the edifice and its role as a focal point for institutions that will emerge to serve the surrounding population. Claudio Orrego, the former Mayor of Penalolen and now governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, described how the... Read More

Day 1: Galvanic conference opening celebrates history and achievements

October 15, 2016 SANTIAGO — The vibrant color, music, and splendor of the cultures of South America’s diverse peoples were on display at the opening of a historic conference here. The audience, numbering nearly five thousand, was galvanized as it celebrated the opening of the Bahá’í Temple for South America. View a video capturing the joy and energy of those... Read More

Temple hailed as a transcendental ‘gift’ to Chile and the continent

October 13, 2016 SANTIAGO — On the outskirts of Santiago, in the foothills of the Andes, an extraordinary event took place today—the long-anticipated public dedication of the Baha’i House of Worship for South America and the last remaining continental Baha’i Temple to be constructed. Some 500 guests from Chile, including senior figures from the government and civil society, as well as representatives... Read More

Iran Press Watch Read All

Documenting the Persecution of the Baha'i Community in Iran

Peyman Koushkbaghi and Behnam Moosivand Exiled to Rajaei Shahr Prison

Source: HRANA News Agency – Peyman Koushkbaghi and Behnam Moosivand, two prisoners from ward number 8 of Evin prison were exiled to Rajaei Shahr prison. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA),&hellip Read More

Two Baha’i-Owned Businesses in Karaj Sealed by Authorities

Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch According to Bahainews, on October 16 the business of two Baha’i business partners, Nourollah Kargar and Abbas Eghrari, at Reza Mall in Karaj, and the shop of another Baha’i citizen&hellip Read More

Baha’i Minority Says Iran Is Trying to Crush the Religion

Source: By EDITH M. LEDERER, ASSOCIATED PRESS, UNITED NATIONS — Oct 25, 2016, 12:05 AM ET The Baha’i International Community said Tuesday that Iran’s effort to crush the religious minority has continued unabated and intensified&hellip Read More

The Baha’i Question Revisited: Persecution and Resilience in Iran

Source: A new report from the Baha’i International Community Published in October 2016, this report examines how the Iranian government has for nearly forty years pursued the systematic persecution of its Baha’i citizens, who represent&hellip Read More


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With the Hands of Power: Matthew Levine’s Newest Album

October 25, 2016

Matthew Levine is an award winning songwriter and composer who has recently released a new album titled With the Hands of Power. From choral to cabaret pieces, Matthew’s works are rich in their diversity of styles and genres. His other albums include A House Divided, Acquiescence, and A Sacrifice to Thee. Matthew kindly agreed to [...] Read More

7 Cherished Closing Paragraphs of Recent Messages

October 23, 2016

Once, while studying a recent message from the Universal House of Justice, a friend commented on how much she loves and cherishes the closing paragraph of every letter from the Universal House of Justice. She described how they are filled with love, how they give her energy and how they inspire her to serve others [...] Read More

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