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Today is 7 Bahá, 174 B.E. (Mar 27, 2017)

Baha'i World News

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BIC offers expanded perspective at CSW

March 25, 2017 The Baha'i International Community participated in the Commission on the Status of Women—the single largest international forum on women's rights and empowerment. Read More

Catalyzing an education revolution: Brookings Institution highlights Baha'i-inspired program

March 18, 2017 A recent case study from the Brookings Institution highlights the Baha'i-inspired initiative Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial in Latin America. Read More

Gender equality essential for progress, says BIC in new statement

March 7, 2017 Women play a pivotal role in social transformation when they are able to participate meaningfully in every sphere of life. Read More

Temple construction reaches new milestone

February 21, 2017 Construction on the local Baha'i House of Worship in Norte del Cauca, Colombia, officially began in January. Read More

Baha'is of Iran website launches

February 13, 2017 The official website of the Baha’i community of Iran gives a sense of the history, diversity, and aspirations of the Baha’is in Iran. Read More

Seeing capacity for meaningful contribution in all populations

February 10, 2017 The Baha’i International Community shared a new statement at the United Nations Commission for Social Development. Read More

Champion of women’s emancipation celebrated

February 1, 2017 The Azerbaijan National Museum of History celebrated women's education, recognizing the contributions of Baha'i heroine Tahirih. Read More

Iran Press Watch Read All

Documenting the Persecution of the Baha'i Community in Iran

Baha’is Imprisoned in Iran for Religious Beliefs Singled Out for Cruel Treatment

Source: A member of Iran’s persecuted Baha’i faith has expressed serious concerns about two imprisoned ailing family members who are being denied early release despite being legally eligible. The Intelligence Ministry is refusing to send&hellip Read More

Niloufar Mousavi Expelled From University for Being a Baha’i

Source: BahaiNews1 March 14, 2017 Translation by Iran Press Watch According to BahaiNews, Niloufar Mousavi was expelled from university at the end of her first semester exams, because of her belief in the Baha’i Faith.&hellip Read More

Deprivation of Education for Afrooz Zabihi, a Baha’i Student in Her Fifth Semester

Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch HRANA NEWS – Fifth Term Civil Engineering student from Shahid Beheshti University, Baha’i Afrooz Zabihi, was banned from continuing her education after completing 90 credit hours, because of her religious&hellip Read More

Nowruz Holiday Action for Iranian Prisoners of Conscience

Source: Amnesty International The Iranian holiday Nowruz نوروز (“new day”) is an ancient holiday celebrated on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere to welcome in the new year. On this Nowruz we&hellip Read More


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Celebrating Six Years of Baha’i Blog!

March 22, 2017

I can’t believe it’s now been six years since a few of us got together and launched Baha’i Blog, a site aimed at sharing and creating content that explores and celebrates the Revelation of Baha’u’llah through various avenues of media including articles, video and audio. We set out on this Baha’i Blog journey with an [...] Read More

Baha’i World News Service Launches Redesign

March 20, 2017

The Baha’i World News Service (BWNS), which is the official news source for the worldwide Baha’i community, has just launched their redesign and it includes some exciting new features!  For one, the site is now mobile-friendly and more accessible across different platforms. The new design also includes: audio recordings of some of their articles, podcast episodes [...] Read More

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